About Us

Where modernity hasn’t arrived and classical isn’t truly out of frame, that is the space in which contemporary art is offered the air to breathe. To some, it might feel stifling, but for those of us who have learnt to live in the now and see the world in what it has to offer, contemporary art is how we express ourselves the best.

That brings us to what we do and why we are here. We are curators and compilers of contemporary art in form of paintings, sculptures and site-specific installations. We cater to the people who are interested in learning about art and purchasing collections for their homes, both indoors and outdoors. We also offer services for commercial buildings and landscaping on contractual basis. We are also installers of commercial vacuum sealers, and have an official license to carry, install, operate and sell foodsaver vacuum sealers.

With years of experience in galleries and museums, we can, not only scout out a particular painting you are looking for, we can also create a theme for your homes inside out that will bring about a sense of harmony to your surroundings. We also have comprehensive van insurance in place for the times when we use our van – so you can rest assured that your paintings are safe with us.

That aside, we are but students of this continually changing method of artistic expression and therefore feel that it is within our realm of responsibility to help those who are new to the field to comprehend, learn, and find their feet in the world of contemporary art. It is for this reason that we have gone about creating a wide set of literature for our visitors to read and learn about contemporary art.