Concept of Contemporary Art

The world of contemporary art is wide and engrossing. It is believed to have started in the year 1910 with the Contemporary Art Society, which was established by art critic Roger Fry in London. This form of art succeeds the Modern Art era and the 1900s saw the formation of several institutions such as the Contemporary Art Society of Australia in 1938, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and many others.

However, the boundary between Modern, Post-Modern and Contemporary Art is quite hazy, and overlaps many a times. Several galleries, curators and museums refer to these arts under the same genre.

In a broad sense, Contemporary Art can be described as the art that is produced in the ‘current period in time’ by today’s artists. Experts believe that this art-form was strongly affected after the 1960s end of the World War II, and has evolved a lot since then. What was considered as contemporary art in the 1960s will not be the same as what it looks like today.

Another revolution that this art-form has brought to the forefront is increase the affordability of art. Using mixed medium as a form of expression, contemporary artists started shattering the myth that only the rich and influential people can buy art.