Contemporary Art Forms

Contemporary artists ask a lot of questions and wish to change the perspective of the world. They want to present their vision to make people see things differently. Taking a traditional approach or abiding by rules is something they shun.

They tend to be outgoing and use varied material forms to bring out their creativity. You can find several contemporary artists who combine two dimensional and three dimensional techniques in their works to create magnificent pieces.

Contemporary art forms that are most popular are paintings and sculptures.

Paintings by contemporary artists comprises mainly of abstracts on different concepts, and in some cases still life. The medium famously used is oil-colors, and the better the quality of the painting, the higher price it seeks. The focus of using these paintings is to offer symmetry of color and texture to your walls and bring life into your rooms.

Contemporary sculpture consists of pottery, statues and other 3D forms of creative representations. This art is believed to have begun with the rebellion of Auguste Rodin, where contemporary sculpture assumed a new artistic vision. In today’s time, artists are using their creativity combined with techniques of stamping, molding, casting, carving, hollowing or building up with a variety of materials like metal, glass, paper, wood, clay, stone, rubber and fabric to create beautiful sculptures.

The combination of these two art forms is bringing about a new dimension to contemporary art. There are several artists who are experimenting with the concept of combining painting and sculpting techniques together in order to create canvases that are very different from either of the art-form. This also widens the audience for artists as many would not be interested in a flat 2D painting.

The contemporary genre of art also includes artists who work in fields of sound-art, graffiti making, digital media, video makers, virtual reality animators as well as interactive and performance art. The increase in cultural diversity, access to the world through the internet and acceptance of the generation for art as a necessity instead of a luxury, is slowly changing the global perspective towards creative endeavors.

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