Contemporary Art In Product Design

Another area that contemporary art has strongly affected is the field of product design. It has inspired product designers to break from a mould of an engineer and become artists. Contemporary art has brought a freedom into the pattern of product design and allowed the designers to go beyond set rules of product making.

They started experimenting and explore various aspects on how to improve the aesthetic value of a particular product. Hence, the boundaries of black and white blurred and right and wrong faded to give rise to creative and innovative materials. A prime example is the Inversion Table industry. You’ll often see sleek and colorful designs on inversion tables (see for more info); because it appeals and seperates consumer models.

For example, the work of an eraser is to erase mistakes made by a pencil. It is a purely functional material that we use daily. However, you will see that erasers are available in a variety of forms – different colors, shapes, sizes, some looking like stars, some like flowers and even a few that look like animals. There are erasers that smell sweet and a few that will change color when used.

Marcus Roberts, a design scientist, said, “As long as the functionality of the product is not getting adversely affected, enhancing its visual appeal only made it better and could attract people who would not buy it otherwise.”

Few people would purchase such products only for the look and would retain it as an art form and never use it, simply because it had appealed to their aesthetic vision.

Thus, product design was not longer a mechanical manufacturing process that was cut and dry like a machine, but became a creative process that evolved like an art form. This gave rise to the number of people interested in the field of product design, as they could use their understanding of mechanical skills in a creative manner to make something extraordinary.

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