The Idea of End Use Of Art

The Idea of  End Use Of Art

The idea of creating art is to put it to an end use. The paintings hanging on the walls of galleries have to ultimately reach a home, a restaurant or an office building to fulfill its purpose.

Storytelling has been one of the biggest goals of the visual form of art, and their association has been unbreakable over centuries. In the early years sculptures and paintings were used as a show of power, patronage or narrate stories about one’s religion. Gradually the subjects kept changing and modified into portraits of family from generations (especially seen in houses of royals), still life and landscapes to depict the beauty of the country. However, the twentieth century saw a modern and post modern twist to the kind of art that was being made. Figurative art was pushed to the background and abstract work had taken over the scene. This saw a rise in the geometric graphics and usage of bold patterns and colors. No wonder, you can see a lot of abstract work in modern houses today.

The purpose of buying a painting might be decoration, but it is not a mere filling of space. When a person selects an artwork it has to have some strong appeal for the individual. There are several people who do ample research related to the artwork they want and are ready to pay good money for it. It could be a specific artist or concept of painting or a particular material that is being used, which makes it special.

However, people who are decorating on a budget need not lose hope, as there are many other options available. Seconds of famous paintings or real-like pictures are easily available, while there are several artists who will willingly replicate a painting at fraction of the cost of the original.

Contemporary artists can work according to a brief given by the owner of the area, or if you allow them to create a concept from scratch, it can be done keeping the balance of the entire pace in mind. This offers a huge area of opportunity to the host to decide on how they want their home to look like.

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